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Why NOW Is The Time To Buy

Smart domain investors don’t want you to know this. The rest, probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. In any case, I wanted to share it with you because it may give you a new perspective on things. Ready?

Here’s where I see the market at right now:

  1. Domain name enthusiasts have been hit hard. These are the people that stockpile domains and with renewals coming around, they need cash to pay their bills and supplement their 9-5 jobs.
  2. Domain investors (full time professionals) are now willing to entertain the possibility of selling.
  3. Market regulation (policy) and a strong local following (in country) have made ccTLD’s stronger than ever!
  4. Large portfolio owners are trimming the fat.

When a cross section of the community decides to sell, it creates a huge opportunity. Not only are there some great deals, but you will now have access to inventory (domains) you never thought possible.

Just recently I contacted an domain investor who is very much underground (no blog, no forum, no social media – he just buys and keeps his identity a secret). His company purchased a single keyword domain two years ago. I wanted that name for a new business and knew it would cost me. However using the Domain Sales App I found the original purchase price and made an offer. What happened next? I purchased the domain for the original cost price. Bargain!

Here is an interesting parallel I read about this week. Len Blavatnik made $7 BILLION during the financial crisis. He bought up shares while others panicked, cut their losses and ran. Make no mistake, we are going to see this now in the domain name industry.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. What are you going to do?


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Simon has a long history in IT and is one of Australia’s Internet Pioneers. In the late 1980?s he began using BBS’s on a 300 baud modem reading messages from around the world on Fidonet. He later co-founded one of Australia's first ISP's, authored the bestselling book on Internet Safety and wrote for a number of years for Australian Personal Computer magazine. Simon regularly appears in television, radio and print interviews on a variety of Internet related topics.

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