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All That For $5 ! [Video]

I thought I’d share this great video about what $5 gets you in different countries.

That got me thinking about a day pass to IPNeighborhood. For only $4.95 you get whois history, domain name due diligence and lots of other cool tools.

If you are only doing a little bit of research, go and try out a day pass – for less than a cup of coffee (or a lot of beer in China). 😉

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Simon has a long history in IT and is one of Australia’s Internet Pioneers. In the late 1980?s he began using BBS’s on a 300 baud modem reading messages from around the world on Fidonet. He later co-founded one of Australia's first ISP's, authored the bestselling book on Internet Safety and wrote for a number of years for Australian Personal Computer magazine. Simon regularly appears in television, radio and print interviews on a variety of Internet related topics.

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