Domain Buyer Scam – Update

What do you do when a buyer offers you $22,000 for a domain name? Since posting information about this scam, I’ve received further emails from the people behind It turns out the scammers have appraised my domain and will ...

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Its Not About The Domain Name


People often ask me for advice about buying domain names and web sites. What do I tell them? It’s not about the domain name. Yes, you heard me; it’s not about the domain name. That’s the #1 mistake people make. ...

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Keep An Eye On New gTLD’s

There are some exciting new gTLD’s coming out over the next few months. Yes, I will be buying them and I’ll tell you when it happens. Some portfolio holders have dismissed new gTLDs, others see them as a long term ...

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Bye Domains – A Dose Of Reality


Ignorance is the #1 reason why domainers fail. What’s the #2 reason? They don’t build real businesses. That’s it. End of story. Hey I know it’s harsh, but sometimes you need a good dose of reality. What’s Going On? A ...

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