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Cybersquatters Register Boston Bombing Domain Names

When I woke up this morning, I read about the Boston Marathon bombing only minutes after it happened. Such is the power of social media. Like everyone, I was shaken – very shaken. Then thought to myself, social media is amazing, I can see this from the other side of the world… and I wondered… how quick are the cybersquatters? 30 mins had not even passed and these domains were already registered:


  • BostonBombing.com
  • BostonBombing.net
  • BostonBombing.org
  • BostonBombing.us
  • BostonBombing.info

Personally, I think its disgusting when people register domain names and create websites that enable them to profit by running ads. This is profiting from a disaster, a tragedy.

Does Better Living magazine know their ads are shown on bostonbombing.org ? Does CrazyDomains and Godaddy?

Who in their right mind would put “Welcome to bostonbombing.net?” on their website?


This is the lowest of the low. A discraceful, offensive practice that the Internet industry should condemn.

Do you agree? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.





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