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Don’t Be Fooled By Dodgy Domain Flipping Courses & Software

Every week for the past month I have received emails and phone calls from people asking me to promote their domaining products. In every single case, I have said NO !!!

This morning something happened that tipped me over the edge! I received another email about a new course on “domain flipping” with outrageous claims. As such, I felt obligated to write this post and give everyone a heads up.

Here are just a few examples, so consider yourself warned.

1. Domain Flipping Course

This course claims that it made it’s owner $10,577.55 per WEEK. Oh please….give me a break!!! If you see banners with “Make Money Flipping Domains” being advertised on various blogs – it’s probably this course.

2. Domain Availability Checking Software

Earlier this year a couple of guys announced some new “domain software” and gave it away for free. It claims to check if domains are available (nothing new here). It’s something that registrars do for free, but these guys have been pushing it as something special.

The concern I have is that the data could be used for frontrunning and to record what keywords you are searching for. Newcomers to domaining – be very careful what you use to register domains with – you might find that if you come back later, someone else has already registered the domain you were after!

3. Web-based domain software.

This software also claims to check domain auctions for “aged domains”. It’s being peddled by a bunch of marketers with no experience in domain investment. When it was released I had a brief look at it; it just didn’t work.

These snakeoil salesman have since updated their software to show a small number of domain names from various auctions – sound familiar?

One of their users contacted me recently asking about domain auctions and when I showed them the REAL, full list (from the auction company) – they were completely blown away.

4. Domaining Markets  (Free PDF)

Yet another free PDF with all sorts of claims about how to make money with domains. In order to get this, you need to sign up and give them your name and email address (which is then used to market directly to you and upsell you their dodgy domaining software).

A Serious Threat

These people are a serious threat to the integrity and stability of our industry.

1. They burn newcomers.

These snake oil salesman sink their claws into newcomers (to the industry) and leave them disenfranchised and believing they can’t make $$$ from domaining. This means they don’t register domains, they don’t bid, they don’t park, they don’t develop – they are gone and don’t come back.

2. They have no regard for copyright and reproduce our work as their own.

I’ve seen first hand, content being ripped off and presented as their own work. Some people say “go after them” others say “it will catch up with them in the end”. What do you think?

3. They “teach” their followers strategies that just don’t work.

These scammers are ignorant and their so called “secret tactics” just don’t work. If I had $1 for every person that said “I saw X speak at a conference and he says I should buy an aged domain. It’s just like how wine ages. What do you think?

4. They cause many reputational risks to our industry

Think of the last time you tried something and it didn’t work out. If asked, you will probably share your experience with others. What we are starting to see are things like:

“Oh I tried that domaining thing once – I got a free PDF, bought some software and attended some GURU’s webinar, but I didn’t make a cent!”

Unfortunately, it’s a minority that ruin it for the rest of us. It’s the same thing with cybersquatters and people who register domains containing trademarked words/phrases. When they get found out, they attract the media spotlight and all of a sudden, the industry is tarnished with the same brush.

What Is Their Motive?

The primary motive of these leaches is NOT to help people, it’s to take THEIR money! Why? Because these people simply don’t know HOW to make money with domaining. Their business model is about slapping together another $97 “how to make money course” in the hopes of taking advantage of newbies.

Who Are They?

Oxygen thieves. I’m not about to name them all here because they would love the attention. If you are domain blogger, don’t give them the publicity.

Let’s be honest, these people would be laughed at, before they even got to the DOOR of a domaining conference. Most appear out of nowhere, but some of them are on the outer rim / fringe of the Internet marketing world.

Don’t get me wrong – we all have to start somewhere; but to use an analogy, these are people who have read a John Grisham book and now they are teaching people how to be lawyers.

In any (regulated) industry, these activities would be illegal. In Australia it could be classed as misleading and deceptive conduct. I’m not going to stand here and put up with it and neither should you.

So when you get another email, facebook, twitter post from someone touting the next best thing – delete it.

About Simon

Simon has a long history in IT and is one of Australia’s Internet Pioneers. In the late 1980?s he began using BBS’s on a 300 baud modem reading messages from around the world on Fidonet. He later co-founded one of Australia's first ISP's, authored the bestselling book on Internet Safety and wrote for a number of years for Australian Personal Computer magazine. Simon regularly appears in television, radio and print interviews on a variety of Internet related topics.


  1. I personally wish you would name them here so I can stay awy from their marketing scams because I am a newbie and the worlds biggest sucker. I was also hoping when i started reading the post that you would direct me to some great domainer courses and websites to learn the real ins and outs. So far I get nothing out of this. I believe everythign i hear on the internet is a scam and they are only after my pocketbook. I still try day in and day out to make success in the domain investing business.

  2. damn… i coulda really used an extra $40,000 a week. oh well.

  3. I’m not one to give energy to the fools running around playing
    smoke and mirrors game. seen this time and time again.
    usually in affiliate marketing and MLM programs ..
    it’s all about Lie..Cheat..and Steal..

    I say keep emails expose them on Rippoff Report!
    MAKE these fools backup their cheap scam marketing ..

  4. Hi! Nice post! Got an email from OwntheDotCom, which stated:
    We are selling the domain name stock–market.com. Since you already own stock–market.net if you would like the preferred .COM version we are making it available. The one cost is just $39.95 which includes a full year of registration and transfer of ownership to you. For complete details go to:


    If you are not interested we will not contact you again.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    It tipped me off the company said, “includes a full year of registration,” so I checked the WhosIs and – sure enough – the domain was available, so I registered it for $9.00. Sorry to the people trying to make a business out of this! It’s pretty entertaining, actually.

    Bottm line, most domainers whose blogs I read and the people who comment are pretty smart and intuitive to be swayed by these-type ads! Its the Registrars, ICANN, and Verisign we must beware of, I’m afraid!

  5. “Oxygen thieves”, “Their business model is about slapping together another $97 “how to make money course” in the hopes of taking advantage of newbies”

    I couldn’t agree with you MORE! Newcomers to the domain space are at a disadvantage from the get go because the learning curve can be difficult and expensive. These idiots will literally say anything to dupe you into hitting the “add to cart” button! What most newcomers don’t realize is that these “courses” teach absolutely nothing about what constitutes value in a domain name, which IMO is the core component to achieve any level of success in this industry.

    Great post!!!

  6. that’s true .. all of them are just scammers they till you that u gonna make $$$$$$ in just 30days .. if you really think about it .. then why you dont kip that money to you scam shit !!
    and anther thing um new and i regs/ some good keywords .. like mails.vg and airlines.vg
    yes good keywords but .vg not good so um so mad about it .. first when we come to these industry we thought that we can make huge money parking .. really !! ofcourse u can but u need to develop first that tip no 1 teach us to do .. but most of the new comers exp/ it them self’s .. about domain flipping .. ******** that’s it .. lastly i would love to hear your opinion about some tlds .. like .vg .mobi ..)
    ” airlines.vg”
    and many more like that
    it’s crazy cuz most of people pick really good names and keywords but the proplm/ is :
    every 1 keep looking for .com boom and some .org and .net as well

    thank you for the information :)

  7. @ Louise

    Thanks a bunch for posting about the ownthedotcom people. I got like 6 emails from them in the past week. I didn’t bother replying however the thought crossed my mind, $30 isn’t too shabby. I registered all the dot coms on my own for $8/yr each. You saved me $132 USD…and owe you a few drinks or a fancy meal if we ever meet.

  8. Thank you for your ethical advise here.
    I would appreciate if you can tell me whether Quick Flip Formula and Millionaire Society courses a scam or not. I want to start learning this business. SO i want to know about the 2 mentioned names to know if I purchase there products.
    Btw what’s the best way you recommend for learning this business.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  9. N Salman,

    To answer your question, I have not used either course and I have not heard of these people before in the domaining industry. As such, its difficult to get a view on the quality of the course. Having said that, it just doesn’t look good when you see people coming out of nowhere creating this stuff. Thanks for pointing them out.

    Both sites appear to be the standard “Internet marketing” approach that is becoming increasingly popular.

    The bottom line is that a $47 ebook isn’t going to teach you the real world strategies you need to make an income from domain investment.

    My advice is to save your $$$ and stay away from both of them. Hope it helps.

  10. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate!
    Is there any source or way that you know about and would recommend to learn this business?

  11. To put it bluntly, its quite tough! Most people learn it by “trial and error” and waste a lot of time and money in the process.

    My advice is before you buy ANYTHING, find out who is behind it! Don’t just believe some Internet marketing “guru” or someone who claims to be a “domainer”.

  12. Those marketing gurus are all jokes. Simply put they are nothing more than the home buyer and reseller scams you used to see on infomercials at 4am, now moved to the interwebs… The domain hype died with the .com burst years ago! It is true, you can make money selling domains, but you will never see the numbers these guys (Photoshop) claim, unless you are so lucky that a generic 4 letter .com falls in your lap. I have been selling adult sites for years, and I have made some money doing it, but living off it? Nada. If I sell a good domain every couple months for over $1k, I am lucky.

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