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New Catastrophic Threat To Domains & New gTLDs

Is this “game over”? A sign of what is coming? I hope not, but I suspect it might be. The question is, when?

The Google OS blog (unofficial) recently posted a series of screen captures about a new “Google Experiment” which hides the URL in search results.

That measure could have the consequence of drawing people away from type it in (traffic) and towards using Google to search (meaning that Google can display more ads).

What does it mean for new gTLD’s? Well, lets just say I’d be adding this into the Risk Management reporting ASAP.

The second issue that domain name investors, registries and registrars have to content with, is web browsers. With more and more browsers starting to the remove URLs from their interfaces (citing simplification), will fewer people rely on domain names?

The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom. The reality is that people have been educated to type in .com (or .com.au in the case of ccTLDs like Australia). So its going to take awhile for this to sink in and change consumer behavior. In the meantime, watch this space as Google OS and various web browsers start to hide URLs and domain names.

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